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This is my current work in progress. Updates forthcoming as they develop.

Poiema is the Greek word for poem or creation. It’s where the English language gets its word poet and poetry.

It is also the word St. Paul used in his letter to the Ephesians (Ephesians 2:10) when speaking of the work God was doing in believers through Christ (we are his workmanship), and again when writing to the Romans he uses it when speaking of God’s created order calling it the things that have been made (Romans 1:20).

The Poiema Manifesto is a book for creatives and culture-makers. It’s book about discovering your individual significance in this complex and ever-changing world. it’s a book that will teach you both what it means and how you can create meaningful art that will continue to touch people long after you have gone the way of all mankind. Finally, it’s a book about making an actual difference in this world, a difference that really matters today and for eternity.

I’d be honored if you would join me on this epic journey of learning, creating, and publishing, and together we can build a community of kingdom-minded creative, entrepreneurs, and culture-makers.

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