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Seneca famously noted all men wish to live happily, but are dull at perceiving exactly what it is that makes life happy.

Unfortunately, after all this time, too many people still identify with Senaca’s observation when they don’t really have to.

Hi! I’m Scott Postma, and I believe true happiness is characterized, not by those fleeting moments of thrill or pleasure we so often live for, but by our ability to flourish as human beings.

Twenty-five-hundred years of human experience, observation, and dialogue have shown that our ability to flourish as humans–our ability to be happy–is directly linked to our capacity to apprehend and appreciate what is true, good, and beautiful.

As a minister and educator, I’ve spent more than twenty years researching, learning and teaching people how to cultivate and increase this capacity.

If some meaningful, proven insights into the pursuit of happiness sound helpful or interesting, I’d like to invite you inside to


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