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Classical Christian Education

During the 20 years I spent in pastoral ministry, I had the privilege of starting and teaching in two Christian Schools. Having a passion for teaching, naturally, that’s where I turned for employment and ministry while finishing my own education.

Today, I’m privileged to be teaching Integrated Humanities and Pre-algebra at Logos Online School, based out of Moscow, ID.


Logos Online School is a powerful resource for parents who school at home, or for Classical Christian Schools that want to enhance their program but are not ready to hire another teacher.

Logos Online School is accredited by the Association of Classical Christian Schools and is the flagship for online Classical Christian Education.

What is Classical Christian Education?

In the first place, it is Christ-centered education. At Logos Online, we teach every subject as part of an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center (II Tim. 3:16-17); we provide a clear model of the biblical Christian life through gifted and faithful instructors (Matthew 22:37-40); we encourage every student to begin and develop his relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 19:13-15); and, we encourage every student to develop a love for learning and live up to his academic potential (excerpted from the Logos Online Website).

In the second place, it is Classical education. Dorothy Sayers wrote a compelling essay called “The Lost Tools of Learning” based off a lecture she gave in the 1940s, calling educators back to the classical model of education by integrating the seven liberal arts.

Doug Wilson wrote an expanded treatise on the subject titled, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning. I highly recommend reading both.

Following the ancient classical model, Logos Online ties the three stages of a child’s development (Poll-Parrot, Pert, and Poetic) to the Trivium–the first division of seven liberal arts–Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. (The second division is called the Quadrivium and deals with Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, and Astronomy.)

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Interested in giving your child a Classical Christian Education? Check out Logos Online School.

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