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Love, and Do What Thou Wilt in 2018

So 2017 is coming to a close and the New Year is on its way in. You’ve probably noticed social media is filled with laments of how bad last year “sucked,” seen various lists of personal achievements and failures, and read endless advertisements for programs that will help you succeed—whatever that […]

James Schall on the Significance of Education

Learning from Books In this sense, the beginning of wisdom is a small dose of humility, of our willingness to acknowledge how much was known and learned before we ourselves ever were. Consequently, if we are to confront the greatest minds we must do so in their books, to which […]

What Are You Creating Today?

You could create value in the world. You could create more noise. You could create a warm memory. You could create a painful one. You could create better relationships. You could create division. You could create life. You could create death. You could create chaos. You could create order. You […]

How To Prepare Tomorrow’s Menu

We are historical beings. Like the surface of standing water, our present state of being is the sum total of all the water beneath the surface. Like a garden, the produce we are harvesting is a result of the seeds we have been planting. Said another way, today is the […]

One More Thing I’m Thankful For

Yesterday I shared a few of the things that I am thankful for. Today, I want to share one more thing, something I never want to take for granted. That “one more thing” is you! I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for each of you who read this blog. It’s […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

I was recently mulling over some lists I’ve made in the past, lists about things I was thankful for. One list I came across was written several years ago. I was surprised that, with only some slight modifications, many of the things I had been thankful for then were still […]

An Evening Praise (From the Valley of Vision)

Today, I offer you ‘Evening Praise” from The Valley of Vision. It’s a beautiful and stirring Puritan prayer. As I often do with my students, I encourage you to read it contemplatively. First, read it through silently at your regular reading speed. Take it in, as C.S. Lewis says in “A […]