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C.S. Lewis’s Secret Sauce for Writers

Like the forty-niners of the California gold rush, anyone with the itch to write or tell a story has at some point dug into Lewis hoping to stake a claim and strike it rich in literary ore.

Another way of saying this is there is no shortage of writers who would like to get their hands on Lewis’s secret sauce. They want to discover the mystery of his mojo so they too can perform the mysterious feat of speaking even after they’ve died.

The question is whether or not such ore can actually be extracted.

In “Write Like A Human,” a chapter from my forthcoming book, The Poiema Manifesto, I’m going to take you mining into literary history and show you exactly what made C.S. Lewis such a great writer.

If you want to create meaningful art, be sure to grab this FREE resource today, not because this is one of those “limited-time special offer” gimmicks. Rather, this rich vein of literary ore is filled with valuable nuggets and it’s just waiting to be mined.

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