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What You Miss By Not Reading the Literature of Old Western Culture

As a writer and Classical Christian teacher, I’m frequently asked why I think it’s important to study the classics, or what C.S. Lewis called Old Western Culture. Usually the questions go something like: What does it matter what a bunch of dead guys thought? Shouldn’t students be focused on an […]

1000 Writers Needed

 I need 1,000 writers to take this brief survey so I can complete my research and share this valuable information with you—free! Here’s the thing. If I can’t get at least 1,000 writers to participate, I can’t complete this research with the level of accuracy that would be most viable to writers […]

What Can You Do With 15 Minutes?

Time management is overrated. Actually, time management is a misnomer. Time cannot be managed. It is a constant. It’s you and I that need to be managed. We’ve all been given the same amount of time each day; yet, none of us know how many days “of that same amount […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

I’ve been working on a book that is supposed to release this fall. One of the chapters was recently published as an essay in Shield Wall, a journal of theological poetics from the community of students at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID. I tell you that for two reasons. First, I […]

Why Thucydides Still Matters

Of the numerous intrigues present in The Peloponnesian War, Thucydides’ (pronounced: thoo sid id ees) use of speeches is paramount. Within the narrative he includes forty-one different speeches. What is so interesting is how Thucydides approaches the inclusion of these speeches compared to how he ascertains his information for his narrative. […]

Classical Christian Education

During the 20 years I spent in pastoral ministry, I had the privilege of starting and teaching in two Christian Schools. Having a passion for teaching, naturally, that’s where I turned for employment and ministry while finishing my own education. Today, I’m privileged to be teaching Integrated Humanities and Pre-algebra at Logos […]