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Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

I first thought of titling this article “Why I Can Drink Beer, but You Can’t!” But in the spirit of charity, I figured a title that could be perceived as click-bait might be too provocative and would push some over the edge who were already teetering on the brink of emotional frustration about an […]

Safely Navigating the Blurred Lines of Ministry and Business

For the Christian, one of the similarities between ministry and business is the work of creation—the effort to provide people with a message, product, or service that will make their lives better. Stated this way, it makes both minister and entrepreneur an artist–or poet in the strictest sense of the word. The problem […]

One Thing Every Pastor Should Have

Pastoral Objectives

Most churches have a mission statement or tagline to help the church stay focused on its purpose and mission. Mission statements don’t reflect the church’s entire theology or philosophical position on every matter; it’s not a confession of faith. Instead they help articulate the trajectory of the mission so everyone in […]