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New Book: How to Study


Thanks for your interest in this important new book.

Many well-meaning Christians–including a lot of pastors, evangelists, Sunday School teachers, and authors–aren’t aware of the many wrong ways there are to read and study the Bible.

Unfortunately, many sermons are preached and lessons taught every week from a faulty hermeneutic that lead thousands of people to misunderstand and misapply the Bible. 

There is a right way to handle the word of truth.


If you just asked, “Herma-what?” Then this book is for you.


In How to Study: The Art of Rightly Handling the Word of Truth,

  • I’ll break down those seemingly-complicated theological terms into easy-to-use definitions.
  • I’ll provide you with several techniques to maximize your study time to get the most benefit for a busy schedule.
  • I’ll teach you the 5 essential steps every student must take to properly interpret the Bible.
  • I’ll reveal how to avoid the fallacies in interpretation that often lead to abuse of the text–and ultimately abuse of the listener.
  • I’ll guide you to the most helpful resources available and show you how to build a solid theological library.
  • I’ll give you the tools you need to study accurately and effectively, even if you don’t know Greek and Hebrew.
  • I’ll show you how to use relevant illustrations and make accurate applications of the text when teaching and preaching.

The release date is projected for Spring 2014.

If you pre-order today, you will pay nothing right now and there will be no obligation to buy if you change your mind (NOTE: You will have to pay for the additional bonus material if you should purchase the book at a later time.)

When the book releases, you will receive about $100 in bonus materials that will only be made available to the general public for an additional cost. Again, if you sign up today and purchase during the release window in the spring of 2014, you will pay nothing for this additional material when the book releases.

This offer will remain open till December 31st. Just follow the link below and you’ll be all set.

You’ll also have an opportunity to sign up for daily devotions, blog articles, and get my weekly newsletter.

How to Study the Bible

Thanks for jumping on board. Be Blessed!


By God’s Grace and for His Glory,


Scott Postma

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