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A Dirty Word

Humanism is a dirty word to a lot of Christians.

As an ethical posture, humanism claims to promote social justice on behalf of the dignity of the human being.

As a philosophy it emphasizes reason and naturalism, and vehemently opposes the metaphysical, specifically faith and religion.

Very often the adjective secular is added to clarify its commitment to a naturalist view of the cosmos.

But it’s time Christians reclaimed this dirty word.

Christian humanism is not merely adding an opposing adjectival designator.

Christian Humanism is technically a redundant term, saying twice what really should only need to be said once.

As an ethical posture, it is the belief that human free agency, individual conscience, and unencumbered rational inquiry are intrinsic in the doctrines of Christianity.

As a philosophy, it is the belief that the tensions existing between faith, imagination, and reason are not paradoxical; rather, they are a creative means for reclaiming and transforming culture.

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