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The Priceless Discipline of Sharing

I recently encountered a statement in which the author wrote,

“The discipline of sharing something daily is priceless.”

By sharing he meant practicing his craft by getting it out to his audience.

He was not saying the thing he was sharing was priceless (though, obviously it was important) but the discipline, the hard work and commitment necessary to share his craft everyday, had intrinsic reward.

Discipline is valuable because it rewards the the recipient of your work with the added benefit of consistency, longevity, and constant improvement.

But discipline is priceless because our reward for sharing everyday is more and better of what we choose to share.

In other words,

  • writers who share their work everyday become better writers.
  • musicians who share their work everyday become better musicians.
  • teachers who share their work everyday become better teachers.
  • procrastinators who share their work everyday become better procrastinators.

We’re wise if we avoid the mistake of thinking what is important is worth sharing every day.

We’re actually better off when we realize what we choose to share everyday is really what is important to us.

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