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1000 Writers Needed

 I need 1,000 writers to take this brief survey so I can complete my research and share this valuable information with you—free!

Here’s the thing. If I can’t get at least 1,000 writers to participate, I can’t complete this research with the level of accuracy that would be most viable to writers who could use it.


And if you’ve been around the blog for very long, you know I don’t want to share junk with my readers.

Can you help me get this report published?

Here’s how you can help:

If you’re a writer, would you please take this survey, then share it with your audience and ask them to take it.

If you’re not a writer, it’s quite probable you know someone who is. In that case, would you consider passing this email on to them and asking them to take the survey?

It will literally take 60-90 seconds to complete. It’s anonymous. And best of all, in a special report I’ll be releasing early this summer, I’m going to provide this valuable data free to any writer who wants to have it.

In my free report,

  • I will show you how successful writers read.
  • I will show you what successful writers read.
  • I will show you the writing habits that get writers published.
  • I will show you how some writers are making a difference that matters and making money doing it.
  • I will show how successful writers have educated themselves without going into debt or wasting their money.
  • I will show you a lost niche every writer before 1900 knew about.

All this and more, free!

Plus, I’ll provide all the raw data with helpful analysis so you can make use of this research to further your own writing goals.

I just realized how much this is starting to sound like an ad.

I promise you it’s not.

I’m actually working on my Ph.D. and stumbled on something fascinating while doing research on what the ancient Greeks called eudaimonia. You may not recognize that word, but our nation’s founders wrote the idea into the Declaration of Independence. The phrase they used was “the pursuit of happiness.”

Ironically, I wasn’t very happy with the paper I submitted because I realized I was more interested in the other nugget I stumbled on, and the deadline was too close to dig out the vein of gold in time to submit a new research project.

Thus, this new prospect became my summer research project.

What do you say? Can you spare just one more minute of your time to help me make a difference that matters?

Here’s the link to the survey.

Remember, if I can get just 1,000 writers to be generous with one minute of their time, I will have the data I need to finish my project and then I can be generous and share this research free of charge to anyone who wants it.

Thank you in advance.

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