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For the Weekend 2015.06.26

A Weekend Reminder When the children of Israel were exiled into Babylon, the Lord told them to seek the welfare of the city until He returned to establish their dominion again: “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord […]

7 Premises Modern Artists Miss

Artists like Homer, Dante, and Milton knew something of art–what it is, what it means, and what it’s for. But the fact that art is for something, and has a base of reference other than itself is an alien idea to most modernists. In his book, On Moral Fiction, John Gardner argues that […]

3 Essentials Every Writer Needs to Improve Her Craft

Today, everybody writes. It used to be that some corners of society didn’t require a lot of writing. In fact, in some instances you could get away with scratching a picture on the cave wall and calling it a night. But not today. With the rise of technology like the […]

Better Late Than Never!

You might have noticed my site went down the week before last. I was hacked by an overseas network trying to use my site for phishing. Fortunately, the security measures at Bluehost spotted the ruse and shut things down before my site could be used. That said, I spent a couple days on the […]

5 Articles You Should Have Read This Week!

Throughout the course of any given week, I’ll read between 25-50 articles and blog posts over a broad spectrum of genres. Truthfully, a lot of content on the web is regurgitated or repurposed rubble that isn’t worth your time. But frequently, certain articles will stand out I think would be […]

10 Rock-solid Reasons I’m Considering Atheism

I’m one who likes to look at both sides of an issue. Sometimes this causes me great indecision because I usually see the virtues and deficiencies of opposing perspectives and have a hard time completely settling on one side or the other. And sometimes it frustrates my friends, because I […]

Redeeming the Ubermensch

Redeeming the Ubermensch The visitor rapped the laurel knockers harder the second time, hoping to rouse someone in the ominous mansion. His first knock was discreet, fearing the family had already retired for the evening. He was sure the old professor wasn’t accustomed to receiving callers unannounced at this late […]