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5 Articles You Should Have Read This Week!

Throughout the course of any given week, I’ll read between 25-50 articles and blog posts over a broad spectrum of genres. Truthfully, a lot of content on the web is regurgitated or repurposed rubble that isn’t worth your time. But frequently, certain articles will stand out I think would be […]

10 Rock-solid Reasons I’m Considering Atheism

I’m one who likes to look at both sides of an issue. Sometimes this causes me great indecision because I usually see the virtues and deficiencies of opposing perspectives and have a hard time completely settling on one side or the other. And sometimes it frustrates my friends, because I […]

Redeeming the Ubermensch

Redeeming the Ubermensch The visitor rapped the laurel knockers harder the second time, hoping to rouse someone in the ominous mansion. His first knock was discreet, fearing the family had already retired for the evening. He was sure the old professor wasn’t accustomed to receiving callers unannounced at this late […]

5 Secrets Good Writers Know

Nathaniel Hawthorne said “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” If you’re a writer, maybe you were like I was in the beginning and imagined when you picked up the pen to write, inspiration would flow through the nib and onto the page as easily as your hand glided across the foolscap. […]

When Reason Sleeps

The following is a free form terza rima in iambic heptameter reflecting on and synthesizing Dante’sInferno. When Reason Sleeps I beg your pardon, Laureate, gracious and so kind, To ask creative license in reflecting at this time, And pity penchant fool for presumptuous work of mine. Albeit I’m transgressing with […]

Nine Tips that will Set Your Writing Apart

If you’re a writer, you have a message to share. If you are not a writer, somewhere along the way you will be. You will need to write a term paper, a personal letter, or some kind of office correspondence. But you will need to write. At the very least, […]

Are Your Objectives SMART Enough?

Most organizations (and lots of people) have a mission statement to communicate their reason for existing and to keep them steered in the right direction. They should also have short-term and long-term objectives as well. These are goals to strive for and achieve, like way points in the organization’s journey that fit within […]