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Video: Introduction to Old Western Culture with Roman Roads Media

For quality classical Christian curriculum and online classrooms, check out Roman Roads Media.

What You Miss By Not Reading the Literature of Old Western Culture

As a writer and Classical Christian teacher, I’m frequently asked why I think it’s important to study the classics, or what C.S. Lewis called Old Western Culture. Usually the questions go something like: What does it matter what a bunch of dead guys thought? Shouldn’t students be focused on an […]

1000 Writers Needed

 I need 1,000 writers to take this brief survey so I can complete my research and share this valuable information with you—free! Here’s the thing. If I can’t get at least 1,000 writers to participate, I can’t complete this research with the level of accuracy that would be most viable to writers […]

What Can You Do With 15 Minutes?

Time management is overrated. Actually, time management is a misnomer. Time cannot be managed. It is a constant. It’s you and I that need to be managed. We’ve all been given the same amount of time each day; yet, none of us know how many days “of that same amount […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

I’ve been working on a book that is supposed to release this fall. One of the chapters was recently published as an essay in Shield Wall, a journal of theological poetics from the community of students at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID. I tell you that for two reasons. First, I […]

Why Thucydides Still Matters

Of the numerous intrigues present in The Peloponnesian War, Thucydides’ (pronounced: thoo sid id ees) use of speeches is paramount. Within the narrative he includes forty-one different speeches. What is so interesting is how Thucydides approaches the inclusion of these speeches compared to how he ascertains his information for his narrative. […]

Classical Christian Education

During the 20 years I spent in pastoral ministry, I had the privilege of starting and teaching in two Christian Schools. Having a passion for teaching, naturally, that’s where I turned for employment and ministry while finishing my own education. Today, I’m privileged to be teaching Integrated Humanities and Pre-algebra at Logos […]