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The Most Essential Step to Overcoming Your Limitations

My parents lied to me. They said I could be anything I wanted-even the President of the United States. When I was nine, I wanted to be a scientist. I started inventing miracle potions that would change the world. In reality I sneaked into my parents bathroom, mixed cosmetics and […]

Better Late Than Never!

You might have noticed my site went down the week before last. I was hacked by an overseas network trying to use my site for phishing. Fortunately, the security measures at Bluehost spotted the ruse and shut things down before my site could be used. That said, I spent a couple days on the […]

Unsuspecting Marriage Hazards- Plus, My Five Favorite Posts!

Someone once described marriage as a dialogue. The first year, the husband talks and the wife listens. The second year, the wife talks and the husband listens. The third year, they both talk and the neighbors listen. No wonder more and more millennials are avoiding the commitment of holy matrimony, […]

Five Favorites Friday

Here are my five favorite articles from the blogosphere this week! I hope something from the list inspires you to be a better you! I only recently started reading Henri Nouwen, but have been blessed with his insights thus far! You’ll be encouraged by The Basis of our Security. Ever […]

Secrets of the Heart

In Stephen King’s 1983 horror novel, Pet Sematary, Jud Crandall, a father-figure to Louis Creed, the story’s protagonist, tells Louis after they buried Church, the Creed’s cat, in the Micmac Burial Ground, not to talk to anyone about it. Crandall tells him he just needs to accept what has been done […]

The Enemy of Failure

Consistency is the enemy of failure! Anyone committed to taking small, intentional steps over a long period of time will succeed at their craft or project. Boston Celtics forward, Larry Bird, wasn’t “a natural” at basketball, but he loved the game, so he committed to shooting free throws every day at […]

5 Articles You Should Have Read This Week!

Throughout the course of any given week, I’ll read between 25-50 articles and blog posts over a broad spectrum of genres. Truthfully, a lot of content on the web is regurgitated or repurposed rubble that isn’t worth your time. But frequently, certain articles will stand out I think would be […]