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7 Reasons You Should Reconsider the Resurrection

seven reasons resurrection

You may not know this, but the bodily resurrection of Jesus seemed like “an idle tale” to the early disciples. And it still does to many people today. Some of these early disciples didn’t believe the women who confessed they had seen Jesus alive. And why should they. Except for a […]

10 Pastors I’m Concerned About

[Updated on June 17, 2016 & February 19, 2017] It’s not a secret the church has been in decline for a number of years and for a variety of reasons. You can read some statistics and views on why, here and here and here. Everyone has their opinions. Abuse, apostasy, […]

Reconciling the Alternative


I staggered to a shallow place where I gained my footing. Holding onto my raft, I stared downstream, then scoped the surrounding landscape. I could hear my heartbeat over the rushing water and contemplated throwing up. Convinced we had drifted into a theological and philosophical current that was sweeping us […]

Should Christians Observe Lent?


Although I first came to faith in Christ in a non-denominational church, my Christian training was primarily in a Baptist context. Today, I don’t consider myself Baptist (at least not in the same way most contemporary Baptists do). However, I’m thankful for the influence I received at that time and […]

Are Your Objectives SMART Enough?

Most organizations (and lots of people) have a mission statement to communicate their reason for existing and to keep them steered in the right direction. They should also have short-term and long-term objectives as well. These are goals to strive for and achieve, like way points in the organization’s journey that fit within […]

One Thing Every Pastor Should Have

Pastoral Objectives

Most churches have a mission statement or tagline to help the church stay focused on its purpose and mission. Mission statements don’t reflect the church’s entire theology or philosophical position on every matter; it’s not a confession of faith. Instead they help articulate the trajectory of the mission so everyone in […]

Writing and Spiritual Formation

In July I took a sabbatical from the pulpit–and from writing–to catch up on my graduate studies, spend some time with my family, minister to my health, and to really seek the Lord for how I should proceed in ministry. I had been wrestling through some personal issues of vision […]