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C.S. Lewis: An Admonishing Angel for the Modern Age

Heaps of tailings have been strewn outside deep shafts where not a few prospectors have sought to discover the rich vein that makes C.S. Lewis’s corpus worth its weight in gold. Like the 49ers of the California Gold Rush, hoards of writers, educators and theologians have flocked to the Sutter’s […]

For the Weekend 2015.06.26

A Weekend Reminder When the children of Israel were exiled into Babylon, the Lord told them to seek the welfare of the city until He returned to establish their dominion again: “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord […]

Fellowship with One Another (A Sermon You Can Use This Sunday)

Perhaps you heard about the pastor who skipped church one Sunday when he was out of town so he could play a round of golf. When the Devil saw what he was doing, he made a bee line for the pearly gates to accuse the back-sliding bishop to the Lord. […]

Through Gates of Splendor

Elisabeth Elliot met Jesus early yesterday morning (June 15, 2015). She died at 88 years old as one of the most influential Christian women in this generation. It must have been a glorious experience for her to see our Savior face-to-face after a lifetime of kingdom service in a broken and violent world. […]

Time’s Up!

I cried a lot in the first and second grade! If my clothes got dirty on the playground, I cried. If my hair didn’t comb just right, I cried. But mostly I cried if I didn’t get a 100% on a test. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Doty, kept one […]

Already and Not Yet

The Kingdom of God (Synonymous with the Kingdom of Heaven) was understood by second-temple Jews as “God’s perfect reign in the earth.”[1] They anticipated an apocalyptic event at the end of history when God would come and purge the world of sin and error and establish his rule forever (Isa. 24:23; […]

Better Late Than Never!

You might have noticed my site went down the week before last. I was hacked by an overseas network trying to use my site for phishing. Fortunately, the security measures at Bluehost spotted the ruse and shut things down before my site could be used. That said, I spent a couple days on the […]