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Waiting for Strength

Yesterday was the beginning of Advent Season. Advent comes from the Latin word, adventus, meaning “coming,” and it’s typically used in reference to two events: the incarnation of Christ and the Parousia of Christ. In the western context, Advent is observed during the four Sundays immediately preceding Christmas, while the […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

I was recently mulling over some lists I’ve made in the past, lists about things I was thankful for. One list I came across was written several years ago. I was surprised that, with only some slight modifications, many of the things I had been thankful for then were still […]

An Evening Praise (From the Valley of Vision)

Today, I offer you ‘Evening Praise” from The Valley of Vision. It’s a beautiful and stirring Puritan prayer. As I often do with my students, I encourage you to read it contemplatively. First, read it through silently at your regular reading speed. Take it in, as C.S. Lewis says in “A […]

What is Truth?

What is truth? This is the famous statement Pilate asked Jesus just before he crucified him. Spiritual revelation aside, this is also the question humans have been asking for nearly all of our existence on the earth. But does truth matter? Does it really concern any of us if someone […]

An Existential Evaluation

If you have ever wondered why you exist, or if you had a purpose in the world—if there was a place in this complex universe designed specifically for you—congratulations! You’re human. Wondering about the meaning of life, and about your place in the universe is sometimes referred to as an existential […]

No Reason for Christmas

Celebrations don’t generally need justification, as most of us find plenty of reasons for celebrating. Friday night, for example, is when lots of people let their hair down after a long week at work. In our modern industrialized culture that values work and production above most everything else, a Friday night […]

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

I first thought of titling this article “Why I Can Drink Beer, but You Can’t!” But in the spirit of charity, I figured a title that could be perceived as click-bait might be too provocative and would push some over the edge who were already teetering on the brink of emotional frustration about an […]