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The Community Utopians Dream Of

When Sir Thomas More’s Utopia hit the shelves in the early 16th century, Erasmus suggested to a friend that if he “wished to see the true source of all political evils,” he should read it. A work clearly inspired by Plato’s Republic and likely Plutarch’s account of Spartan life under […]

The Roots of Community

According to acclaimed Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, our most basic human needs can be boiled down to security, satisfaction, and significance. A reflection on these human needs reveals relationships are at the heart of our identity. But as we’ll see, Scripture affirms this as well. Imago Dei When God made mankind, male and […]

The Felt Need for Community

One sunny weekend, a pastor who had been faithful to preach nearly every Sunday of his 30-plus years of ministry found himself out of town and without a place to preach on Sunday. He had attended a conference that ended Saturday, and since his flight home wasn’t scheduled until Monday, […]

9-11: What Christians Must Never Forget

As you are well aware, today is 9-11. It’s been 13 years since the tragic terrorist attack on America was carried out in NYC, Washington, D.C., and (although it failed to acquire its target) Pennsylvania. Today, all around the country there will be memorial events commemorating that tragic day. All […]

The Destiny of the Unevangelized

College papers are usually boring (unless you are a geek–like me) and few care to read them. But a recent Facebook Post from a ministry colleague got me thinking about a college paper I wrote a couple of years ago on the controversial topic of the destiny of the unevangelized. In the post, my friend […]

The Real Problems in Ferguson, Missouri

Until a couple of weeks ago, like me, perhaps you had never even heard of Ferguson, Missouri. Now, we’ve all wearied of the cacophony rising from this tiny St. Louis city. But just because we’re tired of hearing about it doesn’t lessen its existence or its profound impact on our […]

10 Steps to a Better Sermon this Sunday

The first sermon I ever preached was on a muggy Sunday night in a Baptist Church. My legs shook as much as my voice while I tried to thunder out the horrors of Hell and wax eloquent on the urgency of evangelism. I had spent about two weeks studying and filled up […]