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Reconciling the Alternative


I staggered to a shallow place where I gained my footing. Holding onto my raft, I stared downstream, then scoped the surrounding landscape. I could hear my heartbeat over the rushing water and contemplated throwing up. Convinced we had drifted into a theological and philosophical current that was sweeping us […]

Nine Tips that will Set Your Writing Apart

If you’re a writer, you have a message to share. If you are not a writer, somewhere along the way you will be. You will need to write a term paper, a personal letter, or some kind of office correspondence. But you will need to write. At the very least, […]

Should Christians Observe Lent?


Although I first came to faith in Christ in a non-denominational church, my Christian training was primarily in a Baptist context. Today, I don’t consider myself Baptist (at least not in the same way most contemporary Baptists do). However, I’m thankful for the influence I received at that time and […]

Are Your Objectives SMART Enough?

Most organizations (and lots of people) have a mission statement to communicate their reason for existing and to keep them steered in the right direction. They should also have short-term and long-term objectives as well. These are goals to strive for and achieve, like way points in the organization’s journey that fit within […]

One Thing Every Pastor Should Have

Pastoral Objectives

Most churches have a mission statement or tagline to help the church stay focused on its purpose and mission. Mission statements don’t reflect the church’s entire theology or philosophical position on every matter; it’s not a confession of faith. Instead they help articulate the trajectory of the mission so everyone in […]

Writing and Spiritual Formation

In July I took a sabbatical from the pulpit–and from writing–to catch up on my graduate studies, spend some time with my family, minister to my health, and to really seek the Lord for how I should proceed in ministry. I had been wrestling through some personal issues of vision […]