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Principle Over Policy

It was in the military that I first conceptualized organizational policy and understood its significance. Standing in formation on the patio deck of our barracks, we all held the same little blue ATO (Airmen Training Order) in front of our faces with our right hands, our left hands placed neatly […]

Love, and Do What Thou Wilt in 2018

So 2017 is coming to a close and the New Year is on its way in. You’ve probably noticed social media is filled with laments of how bad last year “sucked,” seen various lists of personal achievements and failures, and read endless advertisements for programs that will help you succeed—whatever that […]

Waiting for Strength

Yesterday was the beginning of Advent Season. Advent comes from the Latin word, adventus, meaning “coming,” and it’s typically used in reference to two events: the incarnation of Christ and the Parousia of Christ. In the western context, Advent is observed during the four Sundays immediately preceding Christmas, while the […]

James Schall on the Significance of Education

Learning from Books In this sense, the beginning of wisdom is a small dose of humility, of our willingness to acknowledge how much was known and learned before we ourselves ever were. Consequently, if we are to confront the greatest minds we must do so in their books, to which […]

The Art of Reading

There are basically three kinds of reading. We can read for entertainment, read for information, or read for understanding. Reading for Entertainment Reading for entertainment is the simplest of all reading. While it’s true we can be entertained when we read for information or understanding, reading strictly for entertainment is […]

A Primer for Thinking and Writing About History

Anyone who has contemplated researching and writing about the past would benefit from a careful reading of Livy’s History of Rome. In his introduction, he offers a compelling apology for studying history: There is this exceptionally beneficial and fruitful advantage to be derived from the study of the past, that […]

What Are You Creating Today?

You could create value in the world. You could create more noise. You could create a warm memory. You could create a painful one. You could create better relationships. You could create division. You could create life. You could create death. You could create chaos. You could create order. You […]