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The Truth about Poiema

[This post was first published at on April 10, 2017] In the age of the internet and social media, writers can be like bad cliches—a dime-a-dozen—and redundant too. Online writing courses are nearly as ubiquitous. So why pour another glass of water into a swollen ocean? Hi. My name […]

Enrich the Well From Which You Draw Your Inspiration

Last week I began a discussion around the idea that if we want people to read and follow our work, it has to be interesting. I don’t mean interesting in the sense of cool, hip, or flashy. I mean intriguing and meaningful in a human sort of way. It concerns me […]

Three Tips to Writing Interesting Work that Actually Gets Read

If you want people to read and follow your work, you have to be able to write something interesting. And isn’t that what all of us writers want–to write interesting work? While there are a lot of us calling ourselves writers, how many of us are doing really interesting work. Those who […]

An Existential Evaluation

If you have ever wondered why you exist, or if you had a purpose in the world—if there was a place in this complex universe designed specifically for you—congratulations! You’re human. Wondering about the meaning of life, and about your place in the universe is sometimes referred to as an existential […]

No Reason for Christmas

Celebrations don’t generally need justification, as most of us find plenty of reasons for celebrating. Friday night, for example, is when lots of people let their hair down after a long week at work. In our modern industrialized culture that values work and production above most everything else, a Friday night […]

A Lesson From a Tombstone: Part Six

{If you missed it you can read Part One here, read Part Two here, read Part Three here, read Part Four here, and read Part Five here.} Lastly, the nameless dead man died foolishly. His epitaph will forever be: died eating library paste. What could be more absurd, more ridiculous, than a […]

A Lesson From a Tombstone: Part Five

{If you missed it you can read Part One here, read Part Two here, read Part Three here, and read Part Four here.} The nameless man was dead. And strangely, it wasn’t his dying that got to me. We will all die one day. As the fellow said, “No one gets off […]