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Dirty Shoes and Scraped-up Knees

There’s a maxim that’s said to be an African Proverb: “A man who walks two roads will soon split his pants.”

I can’t verify the source of the saying, but I can verify the truth of it. You cannot travel in two different directions long, maybe a step or two, before you stagnate. You have to make a decision eventually or stay there. And staying there is the same thing as death.

And if you spend too much time heading down one path a few steps then turning around and walking a few in a different direction, you may feel like you’re making progress. But you’re just walking in circles. And walking in circles is the same thing as stagnation. And stagnation is… well, you know.

What are you waiting for. Do you think you’re going to avoid the bumps. Are you afraid you might have to turn around? Too much analysis leads to paralysis. So let me help you. Gently. Humbly.

You’re not going to avoid bumps and potholes. And you may have to turn around, maybe after traveling miles in that direction. Yes. You may very well hit a dead end. And then again, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for, or something better. But you’ll never know until you get there.

Sure, gather some helpful information that will help you make a wise decision. But wisdom is based on knowledge, and since we are not God, we are not omniscient, and our judgments will never be 100 percent.

But, eventually, you have to realize, this is your adventure. This is your life. You can die sitting on the couch eating potato chips and talking about “someday.” Or, you can die standing in the middle of the intersection scratching your head.

Personally, I’d rather die with my shoes dirty and my knees scraped up but knowing what the sunrise looks like at the end of either road.

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